The United States’ 2016 budget has allocated over three billion dollars for investment in STEM education (STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.) With application programming, “big data”, and pervasive automation upending most industries, the world’s demand for people with STEM skills is projected to grow exponentially. Governments, companies, innovators, and engaged citizens alike agree that with better research, better programs, better systems, and better analytics their goals may be one STEM expert away.

But, there’s one primary problem that develops from this deluge of interest and funding: the Paradox of Choice.

The Paradox of Choice occurs when the number of options available are so high, it is impossible to decide without the sense that there was probably a "better" choice available that wasn't taken. Sometimes this leads to paralyzed inaction. This issue is especially problematic when it comes to larger nonprofit focus-issues. Donors, funders, and participants can become completely overwhelmed, and even disenchanted, with what they encounter when first venturing into the ocean of STEM development organizations.

The CoreTech Foundation has initiated Project Prime as a way to better connect funds with educators and organizations who are working to encourage STEM development. Beyond connecting funds with educators, Project Prime is also designed to provide a platform which better connects and inspires young people to engage with STEM learning projects.To do this the Project Prime platform does five things:

  1. Aligns young people with the STEM field which best match their interests and strengths.
  2. Helps student users build websites which demonstrate their completed work (like a portfolio) while also attracting partnerships around their in-progress activity.
  3. Develops community discussion and brainstorming through consolidated forums.
  4. Attract youths and mentors to STEM initiatives from other fields.
  5. Organizes and promotes STEM-related projects and goals while directing funds towards individuals and entities that can utilize them.


The goal of Project Prime in three words is: engagement, ideation, and innovation.

By organizing, connecting, and consolidating the “STEM development ocean” the Prime Platform will increase engagement, streamline ideation, and accelerate innovation.

Do you know of a redundancy that should be eliminated? What about a way to make decision making easier? Tell CoreTech about it via their Apps for Humanity Challenge!


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