You know us. You know we at HeroX have some much-espoused beliefs: “do it the easy way;” the opposite of innovation is death (mostly in the figurative sense); and “the future” doesn’t come from a delivery truck, rather, it’s something we all build together. And to be fair, it’s easy to talk a big game like that. It’s easy to always sing the praises of our own techno-optimism -- but you might be asking: what about real life? Isn’t it about time for us to acknowledge that no matter how brilliant your breakthrough is, the daily grind is still going to be there, littered with annoying time-sucks and meaningless obstacles? Taxes, bad ideas, weekly metrics reports, interest payments, and ...paperwork...

Well, you’re right. So let’s talk about that.

During these same last few years that HeroX has been cooking up our own Cult of Crowdsourcing, the developers of a very different company based in Oakland, Screendoor, have been developing their product for the explicit cause of simplifying -- at times even eliminating -- the paperwork-induced headaches faced by governments, publishers, and other organizations.

Screendoor was developed by The Department of Better Technology, a company that stands behind their killer name by being devoted to making great software for government.

Can we get an amen to that?

HeroX, the ever-earnest platform for crowdsourcing competitions, and Screendoor, the no-nonsense form management platform, announce their partnership this week. Like any great union, the joining of these two stands to enhance their respective services and fortify one another. HeroX innovators and challenge creators alike will benefit from Screendoor’s streamlining software. Just think -- no more frantic emails when your submission form is glitching the night before a competition closes (you know who you are!) Screendoor’s platform stands to gain wider exposure, use, and engagement through the innovator communities on HeroX. The two organizations will work together to make their services even more social and simple in order to empower more of their users to improve the world.