Our Best And Brightest Are So Stupid

Escape pod for finance people to act in moments of crisis on a shift to meaningful work Read Overview...

Once every 1.2 seconds someone who works in Finance has a momentary freakout as to whether their life's work has any meaning after all.  


How many of the world's challenges would be solved if so many brilliant people weren't busy manufacturing more wealth? 


One of the closest things we have to a universal truth is the idea that money does not bring happiness. Money does not bring fulfillment, it does not bring self worth. But year after year our most promising kids go to the best schools and then to the best firms with the best salaries where society tells them over and over again that they have made it. 


Then every 1.2 seconds one of them freaks out. 


The purpose of this project is to create a platform to reach financial professionals exactly in that moment of doubt and offer them a ladder into a life of impactful work. We will showcase people who have left the industry -- people who look and talk just like those currently in finance -- who've found fulfillment in their work and life. The website will feature high paying job postings at social enterprises and non profits, offer video content and the possibility for face to face meetings with former finance people who have left and found a better life. 


This is not a for profit business. The purpose of this platform is to solve for the opportunity cost of brilliant minds being wasted on meaningless work. That's all. 

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