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Nagging Fluid System Challenge

Identify a recurring fluid management problem that plagues in your industry. Read Overview...
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Create the manufacturing infrastructure of the future

You’re already on the “frontline” of an industrial plant or facility and you actually understand what’s happening on the floor. We need your insight into the recurring fluid management problems that plague your industry.

The industry could be aerospace, chemical/petrochemical, food processing, life sciences, oil and gas, power, semiconductor, ship building, alternative energy or any other industry with a critical gas or liquid application. The challenge is ideal for someone in engineering, operations, or maintenance.

Do you also have a solution for your problem? We want to hear about that too in our Fluid Genius Challenge!


What you can do to cause a breakthrough

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What are fluid systems? Fluid systems heat, cool, pressurize, purify, produce energy, or in some other way manage a liquid or gas using fluidic components such as (but not limited to) valves, tubing, filters, regulators and fittings.


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corrosion under insulation detection tech
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