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How can you use fluid systems components to create a product for homeowners that will dramatically outperform existing technologies? Read Overview...
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Design fluid systems for the future that last for the future.

The last few decades have seen amazing advances in materials and technologies that can enable the world’s resources to be better conserved – but only if we leverage these technologies to design and create environmentally sustainable fluid systems.

Consumer fluid systems of tomorrow could:

  • Use less water, less fuel, less electricity.
  • Perform better, be smaller, and quieter.
  • Last longer and avoid unnecessary time, money, and stress repairing a poorly performing product.
  • Be designed so that outdated components or software can be easily replaced, updated, refurbished, or recycled. 

The catch? Most consumers will only go to the trouble of replacing old technology with new technology if the new product is in some way dramatically better than the old…if it will save them enough money in one to five years to pay for the upfront costs…and if they can trust that they will not be replacing it over again in a few years. 



We’re reaching out to you, the problem solving community, to design environmentally sustainable consumer products that manage fluids and dramatically outperform existing technologies. 


What is a Fluid Systems Product?

A product that heats, cool pressurizes, purifies, produces energy, or in some other way manages a liquid or gas using fluidic components such as (but not limited to) valves, fittings, hoses, regulators, and pressure measurement gauges.

Examples of consumer products ideas that could be submitted:

  • An HVAC system that uses 50% less energy, lasts longer than current systems on the market, and can be refurbished
  • A product that tests the toxicity of water coming out of a home showerhead, is easy to use, and lasts at least 20 years
  • A product that can be attached to any consumer liquid fuel management system to manage fuel more efficiently and lasts at least 20 years

Of course, there are many other products ideas out there to heat, cool pressurize, purify, produce energy, or in some other way manage a liquid or gas using fluidic components such as (but not limited to) valves, fittings, hoses, regulators, and pressure measurement gauges. And do so in an environmentally sustainable way.

We are hoping you can help us find them! Read the complete challenge guidelines to find out how you can.


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