VitalX Awards: Veterinary Innovation Ideas Challenge

VitalX Awards is looking for your ideas on future veterinary innovation challenges to enhance the well-being and life expectancy of animals. Read Overview...


Recent advances in veterinary science have resulted in continually improving quality of life for pets. Thanks to these advances we can now offer our pets high-quality diets, effective preventative healthcare, and cutting-edge disease treatment. We also have new ways to keep our pets feeling fulfilled and secure at home and on the go.

Our four-legged family members have nuzzled their way deep into our hearts. As their position within our families continues to progress, we want more of the best for them. In 2016, US pet owners will spend about $63 billion on their pets!

VitalX Awards wants to bring entrepreneurs, problem-solvers, and trailblazers together with forward-thinking veterinarians to inspire industry innovation and solve pressing problems in the veterinary space.


Do you have the skills and drive to help solve the biggest problems people face when caring for pets? We are looking to you for creative ideas and innovation areas that we can build future challenges around.

Potential categories to consider are:

  • Pet health (nutrition, vaccines, preventative care, disease treatment, predictive testing & diagnostics)
  • Pet wellness & fulfillment (lifestyle products, wearable technology, pet owner outreach, human-animal bond enhancements)


We will be kicking off larger challenges with big prizes in 2017. Winners will have the opportunity to work with the animal industry's leading companies to market their breakthrough. Your ideas will fuel these challenges - with the ultimate goal of enhancing the well-being of animals.


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