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Charly Karamanian
Innovation & Sustainability, +Impact Business Developer, TEDx speaker.

I am a simple man with huge concerns. Creative thinker, entrepreneur and professional problem solver. I excel in leading and mentoring of individuals and multidisciplinary teams. Finding simple solutions to complex problems is my drive in life.

Certified Public Accountant. Master in communications management and information technologies. Post graduate degree in Innovation strategies and technology foresight. Member of the first cohort of The Exponential Foundation Series at Singularity University. Passionate about solving the global grand challenges: Energy, environment, food, shelter, space, water, disaster resilience, governance, health, learning, prosperity & security.

I work as Director of Sustainable Innovation at Red Innova and my expertise is focused on innovation, positive impact business development and sustainability.

A few years ago I developed and moved in with my family to La Casa G: The Sustainable House in Argentina. La Casa G is a non-profit venture, which promotes rational use of materials, energy, water and sustainable lifestyle. Winner of “Los Premios Latinoamérica verde”, the “Oscars” for sustainability in Latin America.

First argentinean to collect SolarCoin (SLR), the ecological cryptocurrency that promotes renewable energies; recognized by international entities such as IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency), Solar Power Europe (European Photovoltaic Association) and the United Nations Convention on Climate Change.

Recently awarded as one of the winners of the biggest open innovation challenge in history, the NASA Space Poop Challenge, with 20.000 participants from 130 countries. An enhanced spacesuit for the astronauts going to Mars. My design was "inspired by nature".

I believe a better world is possible and that everyone has the potential to change his reality. We are just a drop in the vast ocean; yet what is the ocean, but a multitude of water drops?.

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