Jerome Forney
Jerry Forney currently works as a Creative Consultant and Graphic Designer in Melbourne Florida. His most recent work experience was as a Graphic Artist at Kennedy Space Center, Florida. Before his 18-year stint at KSC, Jerry was the owner and Creative Director for Future Features Cartoon Syndicate from 1992-2000. He is currently the Creative Director for Storytree Productions, a business that he started with his wife, Master Storyteller, Ada Forney as a way to showcase her outstanding creative storytelling accomplishments. Jerry writes original stories, songs and metaphysical musings. His commercial artwork ranges from Graphic Designs, Illustrations and Cartoons into the fine arts world of Oil Painting, Drawing and Sculpture. He has a life long interest in Spirituality, Creativity and the Environment and his mission has been to help make the world a better place through teaching and example. Jerry is currently offering Consulting Services to businesses and organizations and will be holding innovative classes in “One Body Health & Wellness” and “Creative Thinking and Doing” in the coming months.