Upcoming webinar: What is Crowdsourcing? - Aug. 17, 2017, 11:30 a.m. PDT
Recentia Health
Dr. Martin is a computer scientist and physician, the CEO and co-founder of Recentia Health, the former Director of Medical Informatics for GE Healthcare, a former consulting medical informaticist for Raintree Oncology, and a past Director of Prevention and Control for the Cancer Research Center of Hawaii. Dr. Martin's company, Recentia Health, seeks to restore the patient-physician relationship through intelligent patient management apps. Recentia's first app uses clinical decision support (CDS) methods to deliver patient pre-visit checklists to physicians, and population health management task lists to care managers. The CDS recommendations are derived from consensus clinical guidelines and MU CQMs that are executed against the patient's lifetime medical record (LMR). The LMR is stored in a national health records bank (HRB) which is populated by CCDA documents and other clinical data extracted from EMRs/EHRs, clinical labs and PBMs. The HRB supports data provenance, patient identity management, retrospective analytics, patient wellness and disease risk profiling, and an app store API enabling a third-party app development ecosystem.

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