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An incentive competition to develop a framework/strategy to create an optimal collaboration process between citizens and their lawmakers. Read Overview...

About the Challenge Creator 


iLobby is an online platform that connects you with top lobbyists in the country to get the political change that you want. Lobbying is effective but expensive and has been out of the reach of most voters, until now. We make lobbying affordable for voters and small business by sharing the costs through crowd-funding. It’s simple, effective and non-partisan. You might ask, "Why do I need a lobbyist?"

Because lobbyists know the issues; they understand the political landscape in D.C. and State capitols and they know how to get things done, saving you valuable time and frustration.

By using their strategic expertise you gain the advantage of working within the system with your Congressman, their staff and other constituents. After all, it's all about relationships.

So, if you are concerned about where our country is going, or feel that your Representative is out of touch and doesn't understand you or represent the key issues that matter to you, then try something different.

We empower you to make change on issues and laws that matter to you, your business and your community. We do one thing. We help you persuade better. So extend your political reach and keep things simple.



Are you fed up with politics as usual? Do you find your life has been turned upside down and you are uncertain of your future? Do you feel like you no longer trust the government or its leaders? Do you think we have failed in terms of solving the big problems like immigration, gun violence, cyber security, overregulation, climate change, inefficient healthcare and taxation?



What if there was a way for you to help solve the problems at the federal state or even the local level? What if there was a way for you to make real change using a basket of tools we already have?

We know we have petitions, protests and town halls at our disposal. We know we have the first amendment. But we also have a new force, the power and intelligence of the crowd and massive technological advancements.

Just think. If we could harness you, your commonsense ideas and the technology in your living room kitchen or office we could begin to make changes that make sense to regular folks, to, the silent majority.



My name is John Thibault I am the founder and CEO of iLobby and the author of "How to Change a Law." I have been thinking about this problem for a long time. I don't have all the answers.

I have personally seen how corporations, special interests and lobbyists are able to get the things that they want and yet regular folks often do not. It's an incredibly frustrating, exhausting and time-consuming process to change a law or make real policy changes on complex problems that we all face.

But what if it didn't have to be?


I've also seen how ordinary citizens have been able to get laws made or changed and even a 10-year-old girl got a law passed. So it can be done.

That's what this challenge is all about.

The ILobby platform is an attempt to solve the policy problems at all level of government and to work within the system to encourage policy debate and help our leaders shape our future and ultimately the destiny of our children.

But I feel it doesn't go far enough and so I am looking to you for your ideas, imagination, inspiration, intelligence, creativity, fun spirit and deep knowledge to help shape a public policy platform for the future that anyone can use.

This is your opportunity to put your thinking cap on and make a contribution by joining this challenge.


What I want to ask is how do we energize and overcome the problem of civic engagement and have people get excited by the possibilities of what can be done?

No idea is too crazy, no input is without merit. Every idea counts but in the end we want to be able to find something that engages the citizenry in active public policy participation.

Every step of the way you can ask yourself, how would a civil society act?

I believe that there are solutions to every problem and I think this is a worthy problem that needs to be addressed.


I am not asking you to solve the specific policy problems I've outlined above like immigration, taxes, defense, healthcare or even crime in your city. What I'm looking for is a framework for a global platform that works for everybody in the existing environment that would allow us to come up with the best solutions to complex problems and then inform our leaders in an intelligent way so that they can sponsor bills in the legislative bodies of which they are members.

This is not about candidates. This is not about elections. This is simply about issues and ideas.

If the politicians are tapped out and don't have all the answers and are overwhelmed by the volume of work and the complexity of new issues that face them then it's time for individuals in the country and around the world to step forward with solutions that will help them along.


This is your chance to set the stage for a collaborative communications platform or a dialogue that is ongoing between our elected leaders and us.

So I hope you join in. And give us your best ideas. Join this challenge. It's simple - five pages, five sections, $500. What is democracy worth to you?

We can either succeed together as a nation and solve some of these fast changing issues facing our world and get a handle on them so that we can truly make progress as a tribe, a nation, or a planet.

Or we can sit back and do nothing, Protest, cross our fingers and hope that our elected leaders will take care of us.


What the government does affects every aspect of our lives in every business, community, factory, farm, school and street. And it will continue to affect us for years to come.

Let's make sure we have a say in how things get done.




  • Change Democracy around the world 
  • Empower people to effect change in the way laws are developed and changed
  • Disrupt traditional law vetting process 
  • Streamline the lawmaking process
  • ​An incentive contest that rewards citizen participation in policy
  • A place where citizens have a voice and lawmakers take the proposals seriously
  • A system that creates better responsiveness to citizens from lawmakers
  • A framework that defines what you think is the ideal solution 

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The iLobby Policy Process Challenge is (temporarily) Closed

Aug. 31, 2017, noon PDT by Liz Treadwell

After evaulating the entries received, the criteria outlined in the Guidelines section were not met. We believe the criteria may have been too broad so we will be temporarily shutting down the iLobby Policy Process Challenge and reexamining it to see where improvements can be made. Stay tuned for another update in a couple of months when we re-open the competition. We hope to see you then!

Small message, big impact.

July 31, 2017, 1:15 p.m. PDT by John Thibault

We're getting close to the end.  Feel free to ask any questions.  

This may not appear to be the usual kind of challenge but it is something we all deal with and no yet one seems to have discovered a real solution. 

 A solution that works, a solution that engages small business or the average voter,  a solution that empowers individuals to realize they can shape their destiny by engaging in politics and policy well beyond just voting. 

Time is running out!

July 21, 2017, 3 p.m. PDT by Liz Treadwell

We are just 10 days away from our submission deadline for the iLobby Policy Process Challenge!

This message is to remind you to complete and finalize your submission before the deadline on Monday, July 31st at 5 p.m. PDT. The HeroX platform is automated so your submission must be finalized before that date for it to be considered for the judging stage.

You can view a How-To video on completing your submission here: http://herox.com/howtosubmit

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