Chemonics Technology For Development Contest

How has technology helped to enhance your project’s results and improved people’s lives? Share your experience to amplify your impact. Read Overview...
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The Future of Development: Integrating Technology for Impact

Chemonics is refocusing efforts on boosting the power of technology to uncover game-changing solutions that can enhance our development impact in the most efficient way. Through this company-wide innovation contest, we are seeking successful experiences from our global workforce to tell us what technology has been used in past or current Chemonics’ projects that significantly enhanced project’s outcomes, and improved people’s lives. Also, we want to capture ideas on which technologies our staff would invest in if they had the opportunity.

We are defining technology as a broad term that refers to tools and machines that may be used to solve real-world problems. It may include simple tools, such as a pulley or phones; more complex machines, such as irrigation wheels or drones; or virtual technology, such as computer software (machine learning or virtual reality). 

Share ideas with your peers, be recognized for your work, and have the chance to win prizes!


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